Commercial Yachts

Commercial Yacht Fees

Please click below to view the fees that are applicable to Commercial Yachts. Further information on fees can be found in the current Regulations or a specific quotation can be requested by contacting us:


Registration Fees

Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (yacht which is technically managed from the Island) £1,068
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (yacht which is not technically managed from the Island) £2,135
Transfer of ownership by bill of sale or transmission £250
Issue of an updated CSR and new certificate of registry (where appropriate) £250
Replacement or duplicate certificate of registry or a certified copy of the certificate of registry £96
Change to the registered particulars which does not affect the CSR £38
Vessel leaving the Register including closure documentation £370
Transfer of Registry £780
Transcript £43

Mortgage Fees

Register of mortgage £250
Transfer of mortgage £250
Discharge of mortgage £250
Recording mortgage of intent £43

Survey/Audit Fees

Commercial yachts differ slightly from Merchant Ships in the way they are charged; once a yacht has been registered it will be immediately enrolled in the commercial yacht fee scheme.

All commercial yachts must be visited by a Ship Registry surveyor prior to registration for completion of a pre-registration survey and any other applicable survey or audit.

Fees and charges for commercial yacht pre-registration surveys include fees for carrying out surveys or audits worldwide; these fees are charged based on geographic areas as shown in the table below. The cost of surveyor travel to and from the yacht is charged at cost.

Work undertaken in the Isle of Man £105/hr
Work undertaken anywhere other than a port or shipyard in the Island £3,560
Remote other inspection, remote verification or remote survey  £3,560
Waiting day fee £555

A map showing the geographic areas can be found here.

For newbuild vessels or vessels undergoing major modifications there is an option available to pay a fixed fee for all services, certification and approvals required, these also include the cost of travel. Again these fees are based on geographic areas and can be found in the current Regulations.

It should be noted that any agency fees incurred in getting a Surveyor to and from a vessel will be for the operators account.

Certification and Approvals

All 5 year statutory certification is currently charged at £625; certificates issued for less than 5 years will be charged at £130 per year.

Certificate extensions, letters of comfort or temporary dispensations are charged at £250 for assessment and issue.

Ship Security Plans are assessed by the Isle of Man Ship Registry, the first plan assessment and approval is charged at £450.

Other plans and manuals may be approved by the Ship Registry, with each plan being charged at £250 per plan.

Equivalences or Exemptions are charged at £625 for assessment and issuance.

Commercial Yacht Fees Scheme

Once a vessel has registered in the Isle of Man the yacht will be entered into the Commercial Yacht Fees Scheme.

This scheme spreads the cost of Survey and Certification by the Ship Registry through a monthly payment; this payment is currently £235.

Once enrolled in the scheme vessels are entitled to two visits from a Ship Registry Surveyor in a 5 year period and the completion of the following (if required):

intermediate and renewal audits of the ship’s Safety Management System in accordance with the ISM Code;

  • intermediate and renewal verifications for compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code;
  • the conduct of any single periodical and renewal survey for compliance with the Large Commercial Yacht Code; and
  • intermediate or renewal inspection for compliance with MLC Convention;
  • the issue of any certificate, document of compliance or report associated with the above except for the issue of a CSR; and
  • the issue of any ships statutory certificate replacing one previously issued by the Department, except for the issue of a CSR.
  • Mandatory General Inspection

This fee also covers all the costs of a Surveyors travel including flights, again it does not include any Agents fees that the operator may incur.

Fees for the issuance of CSR documents, Exemptions, Extensions and letters of comfort/dispensation are not included in this scheme and will be charged at the normal rate.