Fishing Vessel Fees

Fishing Vessel Fees

Please click below to view the fees that are applicable to Fishing Vessels. Further information on fees can be found in the current Regulations:


Registration Fees

Issue of first full certificate of Registry £94
First simple registration including issue of a certificate of registry £59
Re-registration from simple to full registry £58
Transfer of ownership by bill of sale or transmission £59
Change to the registered particulars and new certificate of registry £38
Issue of duplicate certificate of registry £38
Vessel leaving the Register including closure documentation £43

Mortgage Fees

Register of mortgage £59
Transfer of mortgage £59
Discharge of mortgage £59
Noting of a mortgage of intent £43

Survey Fees

Fees and charges for Fishing Vessels include fees for carrying out surveys worldwide; these fees are charged based on geographic areas and based on an hourly rate. In addition to this the Surveyor’s travel expenses and subsistence will be charged at cost.

These fees are applicable to all fishing vessels registered in the Isle of Man, however, they only apply to vessels of less than 15 metres only for work done prior to registration in the Isle of Man or as a result of deficiencies found during survey that would require the revisit of a Surveyor to ensure that the deficiencies have been rectified.

Work undertaken in the Isle of Man £48 per hour
Work undertaken in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland or the European zone £96 per hour
Work undertaken in any other country £133 per hour
Surveyor travel and subsistence outside of Isle of Man Charged at cost
Travel day or waiting day outside of Isle of Man £555 per day