MLC & Crew Complaints

Maritime Labour Convention 2006

In order to provide assistance to shipowners the IoM Ship Registry provides a set of Maritime Labour Notices which provide guidance on the implementation of MLC 2006. These are regularly reviewed in order to provide the most up to date guidance possible.

Our DMLC Part I provides details of IoM Regulations relating to seafarers’ working and living conditions.

For new registrations or ships which change MLC shipowner, a blank DMLC Part II can be downloaded from our website. This is for shipowners to complete stating how MLC compliance will be achieved. Once it has been completed please forward a copy to so it can be reviewed by the Ship Registry. When it has been successfully reviewed, the Ship Registry will send an official copy for the shipowner to sign and send to the ship for the ship’s files.

Seafarer Complaints

Seafarer Complaints can now be submitted using our online form - please try to include as much information as possible to enable us to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible. Further information on Seafarer's complaints can be found within MLN 5.1.5.

Recruitment and Placement Services

The Isle of Man also verifies that local Recruitment and Placement Services comply with the MLC 1.4 requirements. A list of Approved Isle of Man Private Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services can be downloaded here.

For further information on MLC 2006, please contact