Port State Control


A Port State Control (PSC) inspection is the right of a PSC authority to check visiting foreign ships in order to verify compliance with international rules on safety, pollution prevention and seafarer’s living and working conditions.

The Ship Registry publishes a monthly Port State Control Notice highlighting current trends pertaining to PSC. We hope raising the most common deficiency areas to our clients will improve the performance of our fleet as a whole. 

For questions concerning statutory requirements relating to Isle of Man registered ships please email Isle of Man Ship Registry marine.survey@gov.im. Please email all PSC inspection reports to portstatecontrol@gov.im as soon as practicable following completion.

Receiving a Deficiency During a PSC Inspection

If you agree with the deficiency raised then agree a practical corrective action plan with the PSC Officer. This should be reflected in the “action taken” coding stated on the Form B.

If you do not agree with the deficiency raised then politely discuss with the PSC officer before he/she leaves the vessel to clarify the statutory requirement and its implementation.

In addition to the above, if the PSC Officer wishes to detain the vessel:

  • Call the technical management company and the Isle of Man Ship Registry (+44 1624 688500 office hours or +44 7624 493467 out of hours) for assistance before the PSC Officer leaves the vessel.
  • Ask the PSC Officer for a copy of the appeal procedure.


  • All statutory equipment on board must be maintained in full working order, capable of being used and ready for immediate use, whether if it is being used for operations or not.
  • If you are aware of any defects or equipment failures concerning statutory equipment then address these through the ship’s defect reporting system and inform the Isle of Man Ship Registry and the Classification Society as necessary. Temporary dispensation from Isle of Man Ship Registry may be required to allow for repairs.
  • The Isle of Man Ship Registry recommends informing the PSC Officer of any defects and the steps taken to address them at the beginning of the inspection. If this is not done the PSC Officer may assume the ship staff are not aware of the defect items or are trying to hide them – either way this will not make a good impression on the PSC Officer.
  • If additional equipment has been fitted in excess of the statutory requirements, the equipment must be maintained in full working order or clearly signed the equipment is not to be used.

For information concerning “What to expect during a PSC Inspection” watch the IOM Ship Registry video presentations on the Isle of Man Ship Registry YouTube channel.