Fee Discounts

Fee Discounts

The following discounts are available to Isle of Man ships, subject to meeting to relevant criteria:

This is a new discount available to cargo ships, passenger ships and commercial yachts from 1 April 2022.

A 15% discount on the annual registration fee is available to the above vessel types that are able to demonstrate any of the four items:

  •  use of biofuel or biofuel blends as the primary source
    of fuel for power (main and/or auxiliary engines) for a
    period of not less than 120 days during the 12 months
    preceding the 1 April of the fee year for which the annual
    registration fee is payable;
  • ability to use alternative fuel;
  • ability to use wind assisted propulsion or wind energy
    for power generation;
  • ability to use shore-side energy to provide continuous
    electrical power to its equipment (refrigeration, cooling,
    heating, lighting, emergency and other equipment) while it
    loads or unloads its cargo at berth with its main and
    auxiliary engines turned off (cold ironing)

Please see TAN 003-22 for information on how to apply for this discount.

Any cargo ship or commercial yacht that, on the 1st April of that year, exceeds the MARPOL Annex VI EEDI reduction factors specified in Schedule 1 of the Fees Regulations shall be eligible for a discount of 10% of the annual fee.

Please see TAN 003-22 for information on how to apply for this discount.

A discount of 50% will be applied to the annual registration fee for any of the following vessel types if they are technically managed from the Island:

  • Passenger Ships
  • Commercial Yachts
  • Demised Out Cargo Ships

'Technically managed from the Island' means –

(a) for ships of 500gt and over where the responsibility for the operation of the ship and all the duties and responsibilities imposed by the ISM Code are undertaken by the Company from the Island; or

(b) for ships under 500gt where the day to day operation of the ship is undertaken from the Island which includes – (i) the statutory certification of the ship; (ii) the operational safety of the ship; (iii) the manning of the ship; and (iv) anti-pollution measures.