Updates to Notices - MSN 062 (Lifesaving Appliances) & RAN 014 (Liability Conventions)

The Ship Registry wishes to advise clients of the following updates to our published notices:

MSN 062 – Lifesaving Appliances

We have reissued MSN 062 to include the new IMO requirements for the maintenance of LSA equipment - this follows on from the guidance published last year in TAN 006-19. MSN 062 has also been updated to remove some obsolete requirements and to include additional clarifications for remotely located liferafts and servicing of lifeboat air bottles.

RAN 14  - Liability Conventions

We have also reissued Registry Advice Notice number 14. RAN 14 now provides guidance on the three liability conventions (Wreck, CLC and Bunker) whereas previously MSN 055 covered the Wreck Convention - this is now withdrawn. We’ve consolidated the guidance on each convention, and made it into a consistent format. We’ve also published guidance on our procedure for approval of P&I clubs (section 6).