Ship Registry Moves To 'Self Print' Endorsements

With effect from 1st September 2017, the Ship Registry will change the way it is issuing endorsements. It is intended that processed endorsements will be emailed to the Company which submitted the endorsement application, to be printed at the offices of the Company or on board the ship. 

It is intended that this arrangement will save our clients money by not having to pay courier fees, and to allow original endorsements to be onboard ships more quickly. This also enables us to meet our environmental obligations as an ISO 14001 accredited organisation.

All ‘old’ A5 format endorsements issued before September 2017 will continue to remain valid until the date of expiry stated on the individual endorsement. It will therefore be possible for an existing endorsement to remain valid until September 2022 (subject to the expiry date stated on the endorsement).

Please see revised MSN 051 and TAN 004-17 for more information.