New Isle of Man Commercial Yacht Regulations and MSN054 & MSN 033

Please be aware the Isle of Man’s Merchant Shipping (Vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure) Regulations 2018 have entered into force.

These Regulations require an Isle of Man registered commercial yacht to comply with Part A of the Red Ensign Group (REG) Yacht Code, with MSN 054 in respect of manning and seafarer’s certification and, where applicable, the Common Annexes of the REG Yacht Code. 

In addition to these Regulations MSN 054 has been re-issued and this advises of the new Red Ensign Group Yacht Code and includes the Isle of Man’s National Annex.

Please be aware that existing commercial yachts must comply with the additional requirements stated in Chapter 1.6(2) of the  REG Yacht Code before their next annual survey.

MSN 033 has also been updated. This advises of the required manning levels for pleasure yachts – The updates are minor in nature and no changes have been made to the manning scales.

A link to the REG Yacht Code is available here.