Fishing Vessels

Isle of Man Register (Part III)

The fishing vessel register is available only for locally owned and operated fishing vessels. There are two types of registration available: ‘simple’ for those that do not require a mortgage to be registered against the vessel and ‘full’ for any that do.

All fishing vessels require a survey before registration in the Isle of Man (please see our fishing vessel survey page for further information).

If the vessel is already registered elsewhere, this registration must be closed prior to registration on the Manx register. To evidence this, a deletion certificate will be required, showing ‘nil encumbrances’ or no mortgages outstanding.

The forms and documents required for registration can be found below:

  1. Application form to Register (MFV 1)
  2. Builders Certificate (if new build)* (REG 12)
  3. Bill of Sale (if change of ownership)* (REG 11)
  4. Deletion Certificate (if previously registered)
  5. Certificate of Incorporation if owned by a Body Corporate

*documents executed outside the UK must be notarised