First registry, re-registry or transfer of registry including the issue of a certificate of registry where appropriate £173
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel 12m and under) £260
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 12m but under 24m) £525
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 24m) £1,045
Transfer of ownership by bill of sale or transmission £225
Change of name £96
New certificate of registry, replacement certificate of registry or a certified copy of the certificate of registry £96



Register of mortgage £225
Transfer of mortgage £225
Discharge of mortgage £225
Recording mortgage of intent £43
Vessel leaving the Register including closure documentation £65

Survey/Audit Fees

Fees and charges for surveys include fees for carrying out surveys or audits worldwide; these fees are charged based on geographic areas as shown in the table below. The cost of surveyor travel to and from the yacht is charged at cost.

Work undertaken in the Isle of Man £105/hr
Work undertaken anywhere other than a port or shipyard in the Island £3,560
Waiting day fee £555

It should be noted that any agency fees incurred in getting a Surveyor to and from a vessel will be for the operators account.