Pleasure Yacht Fees

Pleasure Yacht Fees

Please click below to view the fees that are applicable to Pleasure Yachts. Further information on fees can be found in the current Regulations or a specific quotation can be requested by contacting us:


Registration Fees 

First registry, re-registry or transfer of registry including the issue of a certificate of registry where appropriate £192
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel 12m and under) £287
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 12m but under 24m) £585 
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 24m) £1,160
Transfer of ownership by bill of sale or transmission £249
Change to the registered particulars and new certificate of registry £107
New certificate of registry, replacement certificate of registry or a certified copy of the certificate of registry £107
Vessel leaving the Register including closure documentation £73


Mortgage Fees

Register of mortgage £249
Transfer of mortgage £249
Discharge of mortgage £249
Recording mortgage of intent £49