Crew & Manning

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The Isle of Man Ship Registry subscribes fully to the requirements of the STCW Convention up to and including the 2010 Manila Amendments, the detailed requirements of which may be found in the relevant Manx legislation and MSN 050.


The Isle of Man Ship Registry does not issue its own Certificates of Competency, but the Ship Registry is required by regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention to issue an endorsement recognising a National Certificate of Competency. Endorsements are required for all officers sailing on Isle of Man registered vessels unless they hold a Certificate of Competency issued by the United Kingdom under the STCW Convention. Advice on how to apply for an Isle of Man endorsement can be found here.


Ratings may be of any nationality provided that they have completed the STCW basic training in the four key elements:

  • Personal Survival
  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

Each rating must have documentary evidence of this training which can be issued by any country that is a signatory to the STCW Convention. 


Every rating forming part of a watch must hold a valid engine room or navigational watch rating certificate, as required by regulation II/4 or III/4 of the STCW Convention. The certificate can be issued by any country that is a signatory to the STCW Convention.

It should be noted that as from 01st August 2014 the Isle of Man no longer issues engine room or navigational watch rating certificates and seafarers who wish to apply for these certificates should contact their national issuing authority.

Seafarers Documents

Seafarers on Isle of Man Registered vessels can apply for and receive a Seafarer's Record of Sea Service, and if a British Citizen or have right of abode in Britain a British Seaman's Card.

MINIMUM Safe Manning

Please click below to view our minimum safe manning requirements by vessel type:


All Isle of Man registered commercial ships of 200GT or over engaged on international voyages or operating from a port, or between ports in another country are required to apply for and be issued with a minimum safe manning document as part of the process of registering with the Isle of Man. The minimum safe manning document will be issued to the vessel when it registers with the Isle of Man and the ship must not proceed to sea unless it

  • carries a valid minimum safe manning document issued by the Ship Registry*; and
  • is manned in accordance with the requirements of the minimum safe manning document.

*Note – for vessels of 200GT or over but less than 500GT this is called a “Manx Minimum Safe Manning Document”.

The Isle of Man minimum safe manning requirements have been produced taking into account IMO Resolution A.1047(27) Principles of Minimum Safe Manning. In order to obtain a minimum safe manning document the ship’s Company must apply to the Ship Registry taking into account the guidance stated in MSN 052 and completing and submitting the minimum safe manning application form S019.

Upon receipt of this application the Ship Registry will evaluate the application and if satisfied the proposal meets the requirements a minimum safe manning document will be issued, valid for a maximum period of 5 years.

Commercial Yacht Manning Requirements can be found in MSN 054.

Pleasure vessels registered with the Isle of Man must comply with the manning requirements as stated in MSN 033. These vessels are not subject to a survey and inspection regime and do not require a minimum safe manning document. However if a pleasure vessel is involved in an accident and it is subsequently shown that the manning levels did not meet the requirements stated in MSN 033, the ship’s Company could be prosecuted.